Mental Health for PBI Students

Sebarkan Artikel Ini: – Mental health is a condition when our inners are at peace and calm, so that allows us to enjoy our days and respect those around us. When our mental health is disturbed, we will have a mood disorder, and our thinking skills and emotional control will lead us to bad behavior.

Mental health in Indonesia today is still high, especially for students, because they still have unstabilized emotions and don’t have the skills to solve problems. Every student has their perspective on how to survive in school life.

Some students have no strength to stay with the hard life they face. Many problems were caused by the appearance of this action. Like depression, anxiety, unfamiliar responsibilities, new experiences, growing pains, and learning curves. These problems make students susceptible to mental health issues.

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Students in PBI of Sanata Dharma, especially me, have to make their strategies to study with this learning system, especially the hybrid system. The piled-up tasks make them stressed, and participation in the organization narrows their space and time.

Even thinking about it makes them depressed. The pandemic has caused many students to feel a prolonged sense of anxiety, which, when left untreated, can lead to frustration and depression. The declining economy has also added to the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.

Meanwhile, some students have been struggling academically because of the poor internet connection. They didn’t study in peach because they had to share their bedrooms with their siblings, and some lived in boarding houses, working to meet their economic needs.

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These caused the appearance of mental health issues and also struggling, often manifesting their emotions with more aggression and violence, self-injury, and even suicide. The difference also caused the appearance of mental health issues.

Discrimination and bullying often happen to introverted students. Then, a lack of learning resources and many demands on many sides add to the burden on the mind. To solve these mental health issues for students, First, we must have careful planning. Second, after all the planning is recorded, we have to make the priority scale for those plans.

The third is that we must not be embarrassed to ask people for help. When we have piled-up tasks, we must remember that we have friends who already work together with us. And then the fourth is to make sure that we have time for ourselves.

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There are many things that we can do to fix these mental health issues. Like, we must have emotional support because this is the important thing to us. We can put our feelings out to someone we trust and then we can solve our stress.

Then don’t burden yourself. If we feel overwhelmed with our activity, don’t hesitate to let it go. We must know our psychological limits. Then we also want more time to sleep. Lack of sleep also affects our ability to face our next activity.

Also, we have to stay connected to our family, because they are our biggest supporters. Far away from our parents, we also struggled as students.

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